About Us

Our mission as an Indigenous-owned company is to lead the industry with excellence, while upholding our corporate values, and delivering significant value and prosperity to our Indigenous Nation Partners, our Employees, and our Community. We aim to achieve this by providing top-notch services, fostering strong partnerships, and supporting economic growth within Indigenous communities. We are committed to preserving our cultural heritage and promoting sustainable practices that benefit our people and the environment.

Core Values

At Thunderbird Ventures we are committed to embodying the following values:

Strong Leadership

We continuously exercise strong leadership in the best interest of all Indigenous Nation Partners, and work together as a team to make decisions that benefit all Indigenous people. We strive to create an environment of trust, respect, and inclusivity where everyone has a voice and is heard.

Indigenous Rights

We are dedicated to effectively promoting, maintaining, and protecting the Indigenous rights of our people. We honor and celebrate our cultural heritage and strive to ensure that our traditions and values are preserved and respected.

Opportunity Focused

We are focused on opportunities, not problems, and lead rather than follow. We seek out innovative solutions and take calculated risks in order to achieve our goals and make a positive impact for our people.


a bright orange temporary fence on a grass boulevard next to a road

Temporary Fence Rental

A temporary fence rental is critical for keeping your construction or event site safe. Thunderbird is here to maximize security by preventing equipment theft and keeping pedestrians from entering your site. We offer short and long-term temporary fence rental options for projects of any length.
Thunderbird temporary fences panels are made of high-quality steel and come in 4’, 6’ and 8’ high so you can be confident that our temporary fence rental will with work for all sites.

a yellow, red, and white vehicle gate closed across a gravel road

Temporary Gate Rentals

Construction site security gates prevent unauthorized entry into the property. The gates also help in traffic monitoring and keeping every asset on the site safe. Safeguard your property from theft and damage by installing a heavy-duty construction site security gate from Thunderbird Site Rentals.

three bright orange portable toilets in a row

Toilet Rentals

Thunderbird Site Rental provides clean toilets and dependable service with a variety of options to meet your site needs.

a small tree in front of a house surrounded by a barrier made of a wood frame with bright orange plastic mesh wrapped around it

Septic Pumping Service / Water Hauling

Thunderbird Site Rental offers reliable water hauling and wastewater removal/disposal services with a range of options tailored to meet your site's specific requirements.

alternating white and orange plastic road barriers in front of a construction site

Plastic Jersey Barriers

Jersey Barriers are modular barriers commonly used along traffic-ways and roadwork sites. Plastic Jersey Barriers are designed to be water or sand-fillable so that the jersey barrier modules can be easily transported and moved as needed, then filled on-site to increase stability. We have many options to fit your site-specific needs.

a bright orange vehicle cleaning station spraying water into the air

Custom Solutions and General Contracting

We can supply a cost-effective custom solution that fits your exact site needs.

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